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Vision Statement :

A thriving and engaging festival that provides opportunities for all TEXAS Kannadigas to celebrate the power of film, art, and stories

to bridge cultures, showcase the talents, and illuminate the universality of the human experience on the digital platform.

Charter :

  • A Cohesive effort to unite all Texas Kannadigas together with one another.

  • A non-profit initiative to promote & preserve Kannada culture and heritage.

  • To identify, nurture, and provide a platform for all TEXAS Kannadigas to present their creative talent.

  • A unique platform for the talents of all age groups to showcase their creativity.

Concept :
  • Short films to be made in Kannada language only

  • Short and fascinating narrative stories

  • An attempt to be in the hands of amateurs or anyone interested in Short Films.

  • Films that can be produced without using expensive equipment. Simple smartphone-based Short films

  • Texas level Kannada community event. Encouraging and inviting participation from Austin, Dallas, College Station, Houston,

       San Antonio, and other(s) Texas cities.

  • An attempt to identify the talents of abroad Kannadigas.

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