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Local Show Event
  • Each city can host its event in there own way. 

  • Austin would be hosting 4 hours event called “Manoranjanotsava”  (Film & Food Festival).

  • Ticketed event. 

  • Special honors for Austin film makers .

Awards Night
  • Hosted at ONLY 1 city/year (Austin for the first time )

  • Special Event  3-4 hours

  • Movie Makers from all the cities are invited.

  • Ticketed event. 

  • Judges verdict would be kept secret  until award night

  • Event would be hosted in other cites on rotational basis.

Weekend Matinee
  • Online Streaming  of all  movies

  • Channels - Facebook and YouTube.

  • Includes movies made by all cities

Image by Alex Litvin
Kannada Movie Accompaniment

AKS would talk to Kannada movie distributors in local Austin for showing one short movie at a time during Kannada movie shows. (NON- Commercial / Free) .  It would be a weekly 1 short movie per 1 kannada movie show.

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